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  • Mbui, Damaris N; Shiundu, Paul M; Ndonye, Rachel M; Kamau, Geoffrey N (2002)
    Rice husk ash (RHA) obtained from a rice mill in Kenya has been used as an inexpensive and effective adsorbent (and reagent) for the removal (and detection) of some phenolic compounds in water. The abundantly available ...
  • Were, Faridah H; Kamau, Geoffrey N; Shiundu, Paul M; Wafula, Godfrey A; Moturi, Charles M (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    The concentration of airborne and blood lead (Pb) was assessed in a Pb acid battery recycling plant and in a Pb acid battery manufacturing plant in Kenya. In the recycling plant, full-shift area samples taken across 5 days ...
  • Were, Faridah H; Moturia, M. Charles; Gottesfeld, P; Wafula, Godfrey A; Kamau, Geoffrey N; Shiundu, Paul M (Taylor & Francis, 2014)
    The study evaluated airborne exposures and blood lead (BPb) levels in 233 production workers at six diverse industrial plants in Kenya. Blood and personal breathing zone air samples were collected and analyzed for lead ...
  • Wamalwa, Benny M; Njuguna, Esther N; Shiundu, Paul M; Kamau, Geoffrey N (2000)
    The physicochemical changes of refined vernonia oil?RVO (which naturally contains epoxidized triglycerides) upon heating was evaluated and is reported in this manuscript. A boiling point range of 183 °C to 190 °C (at 760 ...

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