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  • Ndede-Amandi, Atieno A.; Kvasny, Lynette; Payton, Fay Cobb; Mbarika, Victor W. (2015-07-29)
    Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine gendered perspectives on the digital divide, motivations for engaging in information technology (IT) education, and expectations regarding IT workforce participation in ...
  • Ndede-Amandi, Atieno A.; Mbarika, Victor W. A.; Payton, Fay Cobb; Kvasny, Lynette (2015-07-29)
    While Sub-Saharan African women have historically assumed the roles of both housewives and subsistence farmers, they have had few opportunities to participate in the modern economies of the region. However, this trend is ...
  • Ndede-Amandi, Atieno A.; Mbarika, Victor; Payton, Fay Cobb; Duplechain, Stephanie; Mbarika, Eunice (2015-07-29)
    ABSTRACT “ICTs are important tools that provide the [Sub-Saharan Africa] woman access to lifelong learning and training, to productive assets, and to credit. Neglecting to give women access to these tools not only deprives ...

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